WEWASC Merit - Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd Club e.V.

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A program for WEWASC members and their dogs only!
                  How does it work?

There will count 5 qualifying scores per class and Division from at least 2 different judges.

Also Dogs with less scores than 5 will be put in the list, but scores need to come from 2 different judges.

With  dogs whos handler is not also the owner, the owner must be WEWASC member too, if not the handler is registered as co-owner with ASCA.

First place finishers receive a ribbon and voucher for a Stock Trialrun at a WEWASC e.V. trial.

An ad in the Aussie Times  in the stock classes and divisions for 1st - 3rd places.

A certificate from WEWASC e.v. for the 1st - 10th place.
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