Australian Shepherd Stockdog European Open - Western Europe Working Australian Shepherd Club e.V.

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First Australian Shepherd Stockdog European Open 2019!

Current members of the ASSEO Commitee are:

Raphaelle Hischier
Natascha Hartman
Susanne Schwarzmann
Kay Pieper
Sandra Zilch
  • On January 15, 2019 we have sent ASSEO stickers to the european clubs. If you are intersted in a sticker, please contact:

France: Margarita Craig
Italy: Matteo Campedelli
The Netherlands: Anneke De Jong
Sweden: Mikael Hageus
Finland: Mira Laitila
Germany, Switzerland, Austria: Sandra Zilch

  • Since we got questions about which registration dogs need to have to be eligible for competing, here is the clarification: E, N, F, I.

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