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According to our latest information

ASHGI plans an open Health database.Therefore the WEWASC board decided NOT to maintain a public list for DM results. We will inform you when ASHGI opens the database and we will ask everybody to send all your testresults to ASHGI.

This is an information from the WEWASC Board concerning a disease called degenerative Myelopathie (DM).

This is what „Laboklin“, a german lab writes about it: :

„Canine degenerative myelopathy (DM) is a fatal, slowly progressing neuro degenerative disease with a late onset (age 8 years or older). The initial clinical sign is characterised by spastic and general proprioceptive ataxia of the hind limbs. As the disease progresses, the frequently observed asymmetric weakness ascends to affect the thoracic limbs, resulting in paraplegia. Hyporeflexia of the myotatic and withdrawal reflexes occur.
Initially, DM has been recognised as a spontaneously occurring, adult-onset spinal cord disorder in German Shepherds. Nowadays, DM has been diagnosed in several other dog breeds, including Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Boxer, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Chesapeake Bay Retriever.“

Dr. Kay Pieper has found out that one of his older females (WTCH Las Encinas Marla) carries two copies of the SOD1 mutation, after she had severe problems to walk. This mutation is up to now the only known risk factor for the disease DM. One other of his dogs is -/- for this mutation too. This is a son of Slash V Han Solo. Which means, if the tests are right, that one copy had been coming from Solo.

As said before, the only known risk factor (actually for breeds other than the Australian Shepherd) so far for the diease DM to appear is the gene mutation SOD1 and gene status -/- could be avoided. We strongly recommend to get informed about this.

We can at this time take it that a double mutation on the SOD1 gene will probably carry a high risk for the dogs concerned to get the disease at a certain age. There are only statistical informations about this from other breeds. The Australian Shepherd is not one of those breeds. The complicated thing about this mutation is the penetrance. Which means that the onset time at which the mutation will start to cause problems is not all the same. This penetrance can vary and is due to factors not known up to now. Beside others, the breed of dog is relevant here too. Therefore we find the onset of DM start at about 6-8 years in the German Shepherd and at about 14 in the Cardigan Corgi.

How it wil affect the Ausie we do not know up to now.

In a publication of the National Academy of Sciences from Dezember 2008 you can read:

(....) All of the strictly diagnosed DM affected
dogs were A/A homozygotes; however, several of the
aged A/A homozygotes were symptom free. Thus, DM appears
to be an incompletely penetrant autosomal recessive disease,
whereas most human SOD1 mutations cause dominant forms of
ALS. However, the N90A SOD1 isoform is associated with a
recessively inherited form of ALS in some families, but with a
dominant form in others (29, 30). The natural history of the
disease in the families with recessive inheritance resembles
canine DM in that onset is invariably in the lower limbs followed
by a slow disease progression, (....)


Here you will find a first result of our search for information, some links are english sites:

For example, list is NOT complete:







There will be more information in the future for sure and maybe one day also for the Aussie.

Anyone who will take the time to get informed about this will find it hard to really get an overview about the disease and its effect.

In the US there are up to now tested 26 Aussies for DM (OFA list, see links). In the surrounding of WEWASC we have up to now (Dec 16 2012) tested 22 dogs, with more to come. The result is not very testimonial at this time cause many of the dogs tested are closely related.

Therefore we recommend to anyone to be critical and just do what you think is right for you.

This disease is by the way also known in humans and its called „ALS“.

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Dear Members,

we would like to create a strip calendar for 2013 again. And for that we need your best pictures.
Please send only pictures that are related to herding.

Please provide the dogs call name, registered name, the photographers name and his/her written permission to publish the pictures.
Photos should be in highest resolution and uncompressed. Please send everything directly to Ira Schlaghecken ( iraschlaghecken@t-online.de )!

Photos which are not going into the 2013 calendar will be kept for next year, so we can build up a stock for future calendars, probably also a DIN A3 again in 2014.

Ira is already working on the design. Thank you Ira!

So ... have a look into you albums, find your great pictures and send it to her.

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Thank you.

Georg Vater
WEWASC Secretary


Congratulations to the latest 2012 WTCH!

under judge Larry Teaff at Hösbach, Germany

WTCH Wonder Hill S Bar L Biscuit RD DNA-CP and Sandra Zilch


Congratulations to the latest 2012 WTCHs!

under judges Wayne Kirby and Tanya Wheeler at Wrohm, Germany

WTCH Painted Magic Beyond the Veil and Anne-Lotte Proehl


Congratulations to the latest 2012 WTCHs!

under judge Tanya Wheeler at Wrohm, Germany

WTCH Krabbe of 99 Oaks and Juliane Weiel


Congratulations to the latest 2012 WTCHs!

under judges Joan Carrillo & Roy Sage at Hösbach, Germany

WTCH S Bar L Coleman JS-N GS-N and Kerstin Herzmann


Congratulations to the latest 2012 WTCHs!

under judges Rick Hardin and Gunnar Larsson at Kroksbo, Sweden

WTCH S Bar L Yaqui Ardiente “Jaki“ and Pia Hjerppe


Congratulations to the european MVA winners 2012!

organized by Dutch Working Australian Shepherds

1. Place: Valerie Hoosemans and Djairo
2. Place: Kerstin Herzmann and Spencer
3. Place: Ilona Pfeffer and Bounty
4. Place: Jan-Paul van Es and Skippy
5. Place: Valerie Hoosemans and McKenzie
6. Place: Janina Wendel and Kira
7. Place: Peggy Meersman and Shaggy
8. Place: Jasmin Daniel and Chailin
9. Place: Sabine Brocks and Cato
10. Place: Valerie Hoosemans and Mr. Jones
11. Place: Dorien Vogelaar and Blizz
12. Place: Karin Hermans and Manny
13. Place: Paula Burghmans and Jayjay
14. Place: Paula Burgmans and Paulus
15. Place: Geneviève Chomé and Huck


Congratulations to the latest 2012 WTCHs!

under judge Robyn Johnson-Garrett at JJ Ranch, The Netherlands

WTCH Windsor's Dutch Page CD TD OFTDsd and Marja Teegelbeckers
WTCH Strawberryfield Honey Pie OFTDcsd and Georg Vater

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