>> Herding Aussie News from Europe 2011 <<

ASCA National Specialty 2011 in West Bend, Wisconsin

This year many of our members went to the Nationals, some as active participants at the Finals, some start at the Nationals Pre-Trial and the Nationals Trial, and some joined for support and spectators.

It is the first time we get actual informations, thank you very much to Carmen for the first round results.


How the first round went:

02. Solo Sandra Zilch (Finals)
14. Sombra Kay Pieper
24. Mo Susanne Schwarzmann
25. Betsey Bjintze Jager
32. Taylor Raphaëlle Hischier

05. Solo Sandra Zilch (Finals)
09. Betsey Bjintze Jager (Finals)
21. Mo Susanne Schwarzmann
28. Taylor Raphaëlle Hischier
29. Sombra Kay Pieper
35. Dude Natascha Schöpe

04. Solo Sandra Zilch (Finals)
06. Dude Natascha Schöpe (Finals)
09. Betsey Bjintze Jager (Finals)
16. Mo Susanne Schwarzmann
28. Sombra Kay Pieper
29. Taylor Raphaëlle Hischier


and the Finals:

7. Solo Sandra Zilch

1. Solo Sandra Zilch
2. Dude Natascha Schoepe
6. Betsey Bjintze Jager

7. Solo Sandra Zilch
11. Betsey Bjintze Jager

High Combined :
1. Solo Sandra Zilch


Congratulations to all participants!

Congratulations to the latest 2011 WTCHs!

under judges Marti Parrish and Kaye Harris in Hösbach, Germany

WTCH Slash V Cicero and Valentin Thierer
WTCH S Bar L Soulhunter and Nicole Linnemann
WTCH SHR S Bar L Anny and Sandra Zilch


WTCH Rising Sun Blackforest Blue and Carmen Czieszo
WTCH JJ Sun and Susanne Schwarzmann
WTCH JJ Cinamon Spice and Bea Frei
WTCH Bizzy Blizzard of Clan Miphydes and Dorien Vogelaar
WTCH Spinoffs Razzle Dazzle and Noelle Hoornemann
WTCH Jackpots Lasting Scoop and Cordula Neubert
WTCH S Bar L McCormick and Claudia Kocik

We just noticed a mistake in the english version of the premium for the July Trial in Hösbach, Germany:

It must be: July 21 & 22: sheep & cattle Course E Ducks Course A

July 23 & 24: All Stock course B


Congratulations to the latest 2011 WTCHs!

under judges Maarten Walter and Gunnar Larsson in Kroksbo, Sweden

WTCH Justus Fin Wag to Ardiente und Pia Hjerppe




to all participants, people helping, stockhandlers, timekeepers, judges ...



Due to illness of judge Wayne Kirby the June trials in Hösbachwill be with ONE judge only.

All entries will be valid as booked!

Due to this the practice runs on 23. and 25. in the afternoon have to be cancelled. Sandra will contact all participants!


Also all events in Wrohm/Germany and in Vara/Sweden in August had to be cancelled!

Congratulations to the latest 2011 WTCHs!

under judge Maarten Walter in Hösbach, Germany

WTCH S Bar L Fernie und Horst Löffler


Congratulations to the weekend award winners of the Trials May 26-29 2011

Weekend Awards were sponsored by Ilona Pfeffer and Purina Pro Plan.

Claudia Kocik & S Bar L McCormick, High Combined Non WTCH All Weekend
Sandra Nowak & Tara, High In Trial Other Breed All Weekend
Sandra Zilch & Slash V Han Solo, High Combined  WTCH All Weekend


Congratulations to Gunnar Larsson who is a Provisional Stockdog Judge since May 27th!


New WEWASC Forum

WEWASC created a new way of communication for the membership.
This board/discussion list is for WEWASC members only. The communication language is english!
Please register first here. For that you need to agree to the registration terms.
In the registration form you first can change the board language, than you have to fill in a username, your email address and a password.
You have to confirm your email address and password.
Also you need to fill in your real name (only visible to the administrator) and your WEWASC membership number.
If you lost your number, please ask the WEWASC secretary for it.
Finally fill in the confirmation code at the bottom of the form.
Keep your username and password safe.

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