>> Herding Aussie News from Europe 2010 <<

Congratulations to the Stockdog Finals 2010 paticipants!

Sandra and WTCH Slash V Han Solo placed 2nd at cattle and 7th at sheep.

Bjintze and WTCH JJ Betsey placed 10th at sheep and cattle.


Congratulations to the first european MVA winners 2010!

1. Place: WTCH S Bar L Mohawk DNA-VP and Susanne Schwarzmann

2. Place: DC`Miracle`s Paradise CD JS-N RS-N and Ilona Pfeffer

3. Place: WTCH Copper Beech S Bar L Jade and Roland Hofeneder


Congratulations to the latest 2010 WTCHs!

under judge Jan Wesen

WTCH JJ Pronto and Lenie Henrion-Verpoorten


WTCH JJ Blossom and Bjintze Jager

WTCH JJ Buster and Bjintze Jager

WTCH JJ Rusty and Bjintze Jager

WTCH Copper Beech S Bar L Jade and Roland Hofeneder

WTCH Some Kind of Magic's Charisma and Valerie Hoosemans

WTCH S Bar L Yale and Natascha Schoepe

WTCH Swirling Brook's Rainman and Barbara Maier-Velten


under judges Rick Hardin & Wally Butler

WTCH Mr Binks Picaboo Spirit "Elsa" and Linda Idås

WTCH Crofter Holdings Willie Wolf "Willie" and Anders Sjöblom

WTCH Crofter Holdings Tumble Weed "Lava" and Ingrid Öberg


WTCH S Bar L Smokes Loona Lee and Andrea Barthel

WTCH S Bar L Shawnee and Lorenz Zilch


Crofter Holding's Silver Spurs"Colt" and Sophia Schakowsky


WTCH Crofter Holdings Derringer "Voys" and Harriet Ingholm


WTCH Crofter Holdings Suerto Con Ovejas "Skippo" and, Marie-Louise Fredriksson


WTCH JJ Lotte "Lotte" and Govert Ström


under judge Robyn Garret

WTCH Twist and Sandra Zilch

WTCH JJ Muchacha and Anneke de Jong

WTCH S Bar L Miss Tessa and Carolina Anhamm

WTCH Kelly's Yoice and Cordula Happe-Neubert


under judges Maarten Walter and Wayne Harris

WTCH Guardians of Ayers Rock and Carmen Czieszo

WTCH Sota and Raphaelle Hischier

WTCH Muddy Field Magic Galaxy and Petra Mößner-Proß

Updated: 07.06.2010