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Statement from ASHGI regarding JRD

Dr. Whiteley has informed us that of the 46 Aussie JRD tests done as of the
time of our correspondence, 40 were homozygous mutant, six were
heterozygotes and none were clear. After discussion amongst ourselves and
consultation with geneticists and a veterinarian, we have reached the
unhappy conclusion that this test is not the valuable screening tool we
initially thought it might be.

We initiated our JRD effort acting upon the best information we had at the

- a necropsy-confirmed case of JRD

- a researcher who had previously announced that she had found a
causative gene in a breed where the disease is common

- a literature search indicating this disease is found in a variety
of breeds, and

- a finding of homozygous mutant on the deceased dog,

Unfortunately, the early promise has not been fulfilled by the results of
the tests done on additional Australian Shepherds.

ASHGI's board extends its apology for the confusion that has arisen from
this situation. We had something that we thought would be helpful for
Aussie breeders. We did do our homework before running with it. However,
not every line of research produces the desired result.

The events of the past couple months are not without benefit. We now know
that JRD, a serious inherited disease, is present in our breed though it is
probably rare. Where JRD is positively identified, breeders need to take
steps to avoid producing additional affected dogs, but for now we need to do
so by the old-fashioned method of breeding away from the trait rather than
through DNA screening.

ASHGI Board of Directors


Herzlichen Glückwunsch den Stockdog Finals 2009 Teilnehmern!

Sandra und WTCH Slash V Han Solo haben den 5. Platz an den Rindern belegt.

Hier die abschliessenden Ergebnisse.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch den neusten WTCHs 2009!

unter Richterin Joan Carillo

WTCH S Bar L Obi Wan RD DNA-VP mit Natascha Schoepe & Sandra Zilch

WTCH Muddy Field's Jetta Bugs DNA-VP und Hanny Deckert


ASHGI is please to announce the opening of its new
comprehensive breed health survey, intended to advance the
quality of life for all Australian Shepherds.  We developed
this survey in cooperation with the Health and Genetics
Committee chairs of both ASCA and USASA as well as the
health liaison for the ASC Netherlands, an FCI club.  We
invite Aussie owners everywhere in the world to participate
in this survey.  Please share this announcement with your
club members.

The last Aussie health survey, conducted by ASCA's DNA
committee, was completed almost a decade ago.  Since breed
health is not static, it is important to conduct surveys at
intervals.  The current effort is a very detailed survey
focusing on purebred Australian Shepherds, living or dead,
born from January 1, 1990 to December 31, 2005.  We
encourage Aussie owners and breeders throughout the world to
participate.  Because of the detailed nature of the survey,
participants should have their dogs' heath information and
breeding records available before beginning the survey.  The survey can be accessed from ASHGI's home page:
www.ashgi.org .  We encourage web-based participation, but
paper copies are available upon request.  If you have
questions about the survey or prefer to request a paper
copy, contact 4_survey@ashgi.org .

C.A. Sharp, Pres.
Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, Inc.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch den neusten WTCHs 2009!

unter den Richtern Maxine Schvanefeldt und Dana McKenzie


WTCH Crofter Holding's Thumble Weed und Ingrid Öberg

WTCH Crofter Holding's Liberty und Marianne Dahlin-Larsson

WTCH Crofter Holding's Derringer und Harriet Ingholm

WTCH Diamond Bluff Cowboy Classic und Harriet Ingholm


WTCH Pincie Creek True Spirit und Hanny Deckert

Aufruf zur Teilnahme an der Studie zur Hüftgelenkdysplasie des Australian Shepherd

am Institut für Tierzucht und Vererbungsforschung
der Stiftung Tierärztliche Hochschule Hannover

Herzlichen Glückwunsch den neusten WTCHs 2009!

unter dem Richter James Bergert

WTCH Las Encinas Mi Sombra und Kay Pieper

WTCH S Bar L Mohawk und Susanne Schwarzmann

Aufruf zur Teilnahme an der Studie zur Epilepsie beim Australian Shepherd

der medizinischen Kleintierklinik der LMU München

Epilepsy article on ASHGI website

We have recently posted  "The Long and Winding Road:  Controlling epilepsy has never been quick or easy, but we are making progress" on our website:  http://www.ashgi.org/articles/epilepsy_long_winding_road.htm

While the article focuses on activities in the US, the current EU effort, headed by Dr. Hannes Lohi of the University of Helsinki is referenced and contact information for his effort included.  Dr. Lohi has recently signed a cooperative agreement with Dr. Ned Patterson of the University of Minnesota who has a major grant for studying epilepsy in Australian Shepherds.  Also signatory to the agreement is Dr. Gary Johnson of the University of Missouri.  Dr. Johnson holds a large collection of DNA samples from Aussies with epilepsy and their relatives, some of which he is providing to Drs. Lohi and Patterson.

If any of your club members have an epileptic Aussie, please urge them to contact either Dr. Lohi regarding submitting samples to his study or, if more convenient, contact Dr. Patterson regarding his study.  Forms and instructions for Dr. Patterson's study are on the ASHGI website's Research page:  http://www.ashgi.org/research.htm

Permission to forward this message to your membership or translate the message or "The Long and Winding Road" are granted.  We would appreciate receiving copies of any translations for posting on our website to improve access for non-English-speaking Aussie owners and breeders.

C.A. Sharp, Pres.
Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, Inc.
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