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Congratulations to the Stockdog Finals 2008 paticipants!

Sandra and WTCH Slash V Han Solo placed 2nd at sheep and 6th at cattle.


Bjintze and WTCH JJ Betsey placed 4th at ducks and 5th at cattle.

Here are the final results.

Congratulations to the latest 2008 WTCHs and CDs!

under Judges Kaye Harris / Maarten Walter

WTCH Las Encinas Marla and Kay Pieper
WTCH C-me Rising Sun Irn Bru Taylor and Raphi Hischier


under Judge Maarten Walter (from left to right)

WTCH Kizoku Landrover and Michelle de Boer
WTCH Crofter Holding's mi hija Ardiente and Pia Hjerppe

WTCH JJ Sonny and Bea Frei
WTCH Misty Ridge Plainsman and Sandra Zilch
WTCH JJ Beast CD RD RTDcs and Anneke de Jong
WTCH Welshclan's Sirius and Johan Booy
WTCH Fairoaks Royal Flush and Ben de Boer


Problems with the DNA-Certificate from ASCA?

There is a motion pending which will rule the DNA-VP in the future! According to this motion the certificate should be issued for a 10$ fee by Therion. Please be patient and wait for the decision of the BOD. You will find additional information here!

If one of the parents of your dog is DNAed with Therion and the other with Certagen there will be the additional 10$ fee for processing the DNA-VP. I got this doc from the Business Office. You should send it to the BO together with the Reg# and RegNames of your dog and the parents to get your DNA-VP.

Understanding and Applying the AHT's New Hereditary Cataract Test

by C.A. Sharp, First printed in the Aussie Times July-August 2008

Cataract Research Update!

Congratulations to the 2008 ASCA Finals qualifiers!

WTCH JJ Betsey (Cattle, Ducks, Sheep) - Bjintze Jager

WTCH JJ Stinger RD RTDcs (Cattle) - Bjintze Jager

WTCH Slash V Han Solo RD DNA-CP (Cattle, Ducks, Sheep) - Sandra Zilch

Congratulations to the new 2008 WTCH's!

JJ Ariba - Anneke de Jong

JJ Blazing Bless - Anneke de Jong (owner Pia Hjerppe)

Aussieligaen Tipi - Camilla Runchel

Sunny Hill's Mr. McCain - Carmen Czieszo

JJ Ginger - Mandy Bootsma

Congratulations to Anneke and Bjintze!




Updated: 21.11.2008